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AutoCAD® DWG format

CAD program that does not require conversion, import or export of files. With GstarCAD you design directly in DWG format, which is the source file of all CAD programs used in various disciplines around the world.

Same user interface as AutoCAD

GstarCAD is designed to remind us of AutoCAD®, so the user does not need extra time to learn a new program.

Permanent license at a good price

Buy a permanent CAD license and use it without time limits and without an annual subscription.

Supports .dwg and .dxf formats

Superior support for various .dwg, .dxf, .ifc, .pat, .shx, .lin, etc. formats …

Technical support provided

Excellent technical support in the local language by phone and email

User interface as in AutoCAD program

autocad desktop interface same as Gstarcad
User interface and layout
Choose from a classic look of
older versions of AutoCAD and
the new 'Ribbon' user interface
Layer Manager
Layer management is available
also while using other commands
to change the appearance
of the filter.
Application bar
This line contains name information
and program version, name
of files and the number of remaining
demo license days.
Toolbar with many commands
and command groups depending
on the function.
Open multiple files at once
and simply switch between files.
Working environment
Draw and edit drawings with
help mouse pointer or 'context'
menu using the right mouse click.
With the middle mouse
button you can use a magnifier to
locally increase the draft,
without enlarging the
overall view
Dynamic typing
Command line integration
that contributes to more efficient
designing and reducing eye strain.
Quick Properties
Quick Properties palette showing
the main properties of the
selected element.
Command line
A classic but useful way
to entering commands and others
tasks and values using
the keyboard.
Appearance of the drawing
Switch between modeling
and editing 'Layout' drawings.
Precise drawing
All the features for precise drawing
are available, among them the
'Snap' function, the grid, monitoring,
measuring and scaling.

GstarCAD 2022


AutoCAD LT 2D alternative


GstarCAD 2022


AutoCAD 2D /3D alternative (full version)

The GstarCAD Standard has a wide range of features required for universal drawing of 2D technical drawings. Allows you to draw all 2D technical drawings according to international, local or own standards. Unlike AutoCAD LT, GstarCAD allows you to use add-ons and industrial modules.
GstarCAD Professional includes several features that are not in the Standard version. The Professional version includes several additional features such as dynamic blocks, magnifier, cross section creation and more. The biggest advantage is 3D modeling and import / export to other 3D programs, which allows faster design. Of course, exporting STL files for 3D printing is also supported.

Speed ​​comparison with AutoCAD


Reduce the cost of your CAD software

The GstarCAD program provides great savings.
If you are unsure or need advice on the right type of license or
number of licenses according to the needs of your company, we will be happy to help you.




Millions of satisfied customers around the world

CAD experts and designers from small, medium and world famous
multinational companies have been using GstarCAD since 1992.


After a month of using GstarCAD Mechanical, we are very pleased with its stability and speed when opening files, so we recommend that you try it out and see for yourself the capabilities of the GstarCAD software.

Ekosystem, Bojan Gorjup, (u.d.i.s.)

Technical support team

The technical support team consists of experts with extensive knowledge in the field of CAD and BIM software. You can contact technical support with questions about selecting software, installing, or using the program. For customers who want the highest level of support, we offer a VIP contract that includes software upgrades and technical support 365 days a year.

We offer technical support by phone or e-mail in Croatian, Slovenian, English and Serbian.

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